LOVE IS PAIN!!! <|3…………

A touch of love,

And there it goes,

Someone’s life feels like heaven!

A touch of hate,

And there it goes,

Someone wants to die!


Two different words,

Two different feelings!

Love being like heaven,

Hate being like death!


Everyone wants love,

Nobody wants hate,

All the world’s the same!


Love is never found easily,

Hate is found immensely,

When you are poured with love you see the world as one!

When you are disturbed with hatred you see the world as useless!


Such are the powers of love and hatred!

I have felt love,

I have felt hate!

When I felt love,

It felt pleasant,

It felt like the world was made for me,

I felt powerful,

Energetic and extremely happy!

At last I found love,

It overpowered my feelings,

My thoughts!


As time passed,

Love was rather pain,

A type of pain,

Which inflicted confusion in me,

I had to spent sleepless nights,

Thinking over my love,

And I had loads of expectations,

Loads of dreams,

I prayed that they came true!



One fine day,

The tables turned over me,

I lost my LOVE!

I have lost my one and LOVE!

That day I thought of nothing but dying!

I couldn’t bear the pain,

The chillness,

The numbness!

It seemed as if time had stopped over to,

Console me,

I was rather broken to pieces,

I couldn’t make out day or night,

I kept weeping!

I wept and wept,

Until my heart stopped beating for her,

My only true love!

I had realised I can no longer keep her as mine,

I realised she was lost!


Love to me after that day was gone,

I no longer wanted it,

I no longer wanted pain,

I no longer wanted confusion,

All I just want is PEACE!

All I wanted is eternal peace for the rest of my dear life!


May GOD,

Grant me peace,

My he heal my mind,

May he bless me with strength,

To carry on with my LIFE in this vastness!!!



Salman (aka $allu)



The Challenge x)…..

I once had a battle with time,

It challenged me and my weakness,

I must admit I was fearful,

But something hard struck my mind,

It kept whispering “go, do it, yes, you can”!

I, with my killer instincts faced time one on one!

But time kept saying me “You can’t, you will fail”!

For a second I felt it was true,

I thought I couldn’t win time!

But I went on with my bare mind,

During the battle time left me blinded, tensed and,

It seemed impossible to win it!

When I had lost all the hope,

I saw a helping hand far away in the distance,

It was glowing in the dark,

I held the hand,

For a moment it felt like the whole earth was made for me!

I rose up from the darkness,

Fought time for one more time,

I knocked it on its feet,

Until it begged mercy!

I felt like I was invincible,

I felt that there is nothing I can’t do!

It was the moment of pride and fame!

Everyone would regard me as the only person to knock time on its path!

I felt overwhelmingly excited!


I was wrong!

Time is never conquered nor can be challenged,

Everything was an illusion,

The helping hand was my hard work,

I felt too confident,

I felt too important,

I was wrong,

I couldn’t last long with all the pride and fame,

I once again had to fall to the ground,

And face the world as equal to others!

Because fame and pride never stays forever,

Once we get old and known much,

Someone better,

Someone more ingenious will rise,

Then we get forgotten!

We may be the best once,

We may be known as the only one,

But when we leave this eternal world,

We are only remembered as a person, who did great things,

Not as a person, who lived!

People keep changing,

Time keeps changing,

We too will change!

One can never live with fame for eternity!

Its only that fame is short lived,

We just get chosen by fame to be known as the one who triumphed!

But never as the one, who lived it!

So, never trust fame and pride,

Get a life which is worth to live,

Not a life which is wasted to live for others!

Get known to people,

But don’t get known as the one, who existed,

But as the one who will live on!


Salman (aka $allu)

Get to live the easy way!!!! :) <3

I live today out of expectations,

I lived yesterday out of realisation

And I will live tomorrow with confidence!

No matter what,

My world never shrinks!

No matter why,

My promises never go astray!

No matter where,

My instinct never dies!

Such are the thoughts that live in me,

Such should be the thoughts that must live in you!

Every day,

Every second,

Every breath

Is precious,

Make use of it in the wisest way,

Not to waste it in vain,

Because life is only one chance,

A second chance never comes in it!


Never let the fire in you die,

Never let the happiness fly,

Never think that life is mean,

Because sometimes life may prove to be unfair,

It’s our ability to make it fair and wise!


See the world as one,

Not as many,

Because groups never live forever!

People may live with promises for you,

But even promises could be broken,

Because what matters is trust not a mere promise!


To lose everything is easy,

But to gain something is purely on hard work!


Work done for now is surely better than work kept for tomorrow!


Have belief in yourself!

Don’t let yourself down

Even in your deepest sorrows,

Even in your worst times,

Try to keep your head raised,

So that none shall think that you are a LOOSER!


Surely what it takes to win a game is greater than,

What it takes to lose everything in its paths!

Just wear a smile,

And live to be noticed,

Rather than living to ROT!!!



Salman (aka $allU)


My CONFESSIONS! X)………………(part 1)


The other day I was frustrated with my exam, I knew something terrible would happen when the results come out! And behold, there lays my answer sheet on my dad’s hands on the open house day! Of course it wasn’t a pretty sight for him. The numbers written corresponding to the subjects weren’t too good-looking for my dad’s eyes. And lo when I was back home dad looked rather sarcastic. I knew I was about to face “The resurrection day”! In the end, well there is no end to my sufferings, everything was forgotten I once again lived another day.

A new day, well of course not so interesting day, the same old toothbrush, with the white Colgate paste and the same old corn flakes for my so called breaking the fast! I virtually have to dream with eyes open in school, except for my informatics classes, well computers always fascinated my mind, no imp not a bloody geek! I would literally break down on English classes, but somehow managed to score the highest! With the sound of Accounts classes my brains and my eyes would be numb! That was something about my school life. To talk more of it, well I had excellent friends (fingers crossed), and my school was overwhelmingly “D-U-M-B” I would call it DUMB since I was issued a memo for not wearing the flashing little ID-card, on the contrary I was issued memos for various fantabulous reasons, some reasons would be lame!

At the sound of the last bell everything would literally stop in time, life would never felt so damn awesome, until I step into my bus (no.26) the bus was made to fit a limited number students, but the driver’s assistant made it look like a country filled with chicks and flicks! As I step into my home after school the smell of food has already turned my stomach on, after the delicious feast I would simply bunk home, maybe for tuitions or just for escaping my “Mom’s speech of never-ending  not so pleasant word’s”. I would simply walk around the city or the beach with my friends, at the end of the day, sadly I have to get home. After the supper’s done, its a fuss between me and my pillow, until the next day! Everything was the same,         Until!……………..

I met a girl on facebook, fell for her, had a good relation, until parent’s messed it up! Well I don;t wish to speak so much about it, I do accept love is a good feeling but now I rarely think of finding new love since I’m a busy bird! Another day I met another girl in my God damn bus, had an “extra-big time crush” on her! Until my friends held out the helping hand to recover from the madness I got for her, looking back at it I thank them especially one fellow I’m not mentioning his name, I will surely let that fellow know it is he who is special here! So, its obvious that I tasted the taste of being a broken heart! Well you know for some people particularly Good-looking people a broken hearted person meant a f***ed up retard! Well that’s what I was considered by the “Good-looking people”! I later had the burning inner desire to prove it wrong maybe this would prove it wrong ==> “I don’t give a damn &*@#$^&&* on what you think, it’s my bloody life and I live it my bloody damn way!”. No offense!

Finally, I passed high school from my respective school, was forced to leave U.A.E(Ajman) to INDIA(Coimbatore), here it was like I got second chance to live my life, everything seemed different, actually everything was fantabously sad! I missed my so dear friends back there in my small lil Ajman!. But I wasn’t so let down I had the chance to pursue my passion computers and tech! I took up Bsc.IT.

What happens next comes in my next installation! 😛

By, Salman(aka $allu)  


I just want to know one thing,

Why am I trapped here in this world?

It doesn’t seem fair at all,

All the things the world has to give,

Is only confusion ,hate and sorrow.


Sometimes it does do some good to me,

But not all the time,

Because one cannot be happy and contended all the time,

That’s how life is built!


Yeah! It doesn’t sound fair!

But when you live,

Do you act fair?

Do you live in a way that does goodness to anyone?



Think over it!

If you think you live with sadness always,

Think why it happens?

Why do you have to be left alone?

Why is that you cry endlessly?


Is it because fate takes u there?


Its because you chose it!

Its because you deserved it!


When you saw someone crying,

Did u ever think of the reason?

No, not many of us!

Well if it was you, who was crying,

Just think within your heart,

Think why do you have to shed those tears?

Maybe you may have done a mistake or two,

Maybe you have been hurt deeply!


But  it isn’t worth crying!


No matter how deeply you are hurt!

complaining and crying never helps!


Share your sadness,


It will surely shade it!

just wear a smile,


Look pleasing!

don’t show others that you are down!

Because not everyone likes gloomy people,

You just have to throw your sorrows,


And smile!



Just forget and smile!

there is just not enough time to cry forever!

When you smile you ask the world for keeping you filled with happiness

When u you cry you simply don’t want to enjoy the sunlight,

The talk of the strangers,

The chirps of the birds,

The laughter of the kids,

The tickle of the wind,

The beauty of the clouds and the wonderful pictures it makes in the sky,

The colors of flowers,

The feeling of being happy!


You just seem to be ignoring the force of happiness when you cry!

So the next you see someone crying,

Try talking to the person,

Try to put a smile on his/her face!


Because no other feeling is greater when you know that someone is happy, and the reason was YOU!

Don’t let the sadness in you take away the best in you!



Salman(aka $allu)




Life isnt FAIR! x)

Long long when the time was early..

The earth was evolving from mere fire and stones,

No one knew how it would be like,no one knew waht it would look like,

But I have seen the earth,

In wich I live now,

It doesnt seem to be fair,

Nor does my life appear fair!



Still I held on the grip,

I fought the cold winters with my inner warmth,

I chilled my brains with my thoughts in the summer,

I never complained!

I never knew my future,

I just lived the present,

And threw away the past!



I know nothing can be fair enough,

I know no one would stand for me,

I know it…

Because life isnt a game!

I believe its just a name!




Life is just a name,

Its nothing but a bunch of selfish and sneaky people,

Facing theit inner fate!

They have nothing to do with me!

Because I believe I will be left all alone when I “DIE”

All these humans around would just disappear in a minute,

And would mean nothing!



When you inhale your last breath,

No one will be there beside you,

Not even your most loved ones!



Because when DEATH claims you,

Your are facing it alone,

Even the famed,

Even the cowards,

Have to face the chillness of DEATH!



Yes its true,

None but yourself will one day have to face the wicked angel of “DEATH”!

Doesnt sound fair right?


-Salman(aka $allU)

The freedom never comes ;)

Each time I look at the sky,

I admire its beauty,

The beauty of the clouds,

The beauty of the nature,

The way the clouds float in the sky makes me think deeply…

How freely with liberty and freedom they move far they up in the sky they are free to roam about anywhere,

Without any restrictions

Without any fear of the time which passes by,

Sometimes when i watch the clouds it feels as if time has stopped,

All things around me remain in a deathly silence

The world would make no sense for me,

My life would be meaningless at that moment.

I felt jealous on these clouds.

Why cannot I?

Why cannot we?

Why can’t anyone have such a freedom?

The answer lies deep inside our lives….

Our life is like system of thoughts.

Whatever we think,

Is what we acquire.

Whatever we dislike,

Is what we think the least.

Not many are aware of this theory.

‘’Our life is made up of our own thoughts.’’

The things we most wanted are the things that we have,

The things that we least favour are things we never wanted to have…

Yes its true!

We make up our lives.

Believe it or not our thoughts are the ‘building blocks’ of our life.

Rich people favour more money so they get what they favour the most..

Poor people favour food and shelter so they get what they needed!

The clouds never have any thoughts so they are free and mobile..

But a human mind has a million thoughts..

Its hard to keep track of all these thoughts.

So a human never acquires full freedom or liberty they favour..

We humans never can live with the fullest peace!!!

Some or the other thing keeps knocking ourselves over and over!!

No matter how hard we try,

We only get we wanted not what we greed of!!

Like I felt jealous about the clouds,

I will never be able to roam around like them,

People may consider me insane if I do that   😛