My Confessions (part 2)

I was probably in the middle of a dream, when suddenly someone woke me up! It felt as if someone woke me up in the middle of the night, but no! It was 7 A.M and my Dad wants me to wake up and guess what?  I’m in India and its Sunday! I refused to wake up so he as usual he slapped me hard on my face! I woke up like a phoenix that regains its life after death!


The situation was like this:

I have just finished my 12th and I’m awaiting my God-Damn results! And my dad has bought me to India for higher studies, at first I acted like goat getting ready to be slaughtered! Means I’m pissed! In the end, well in the end I got admission in a college named Sri Krishna Arts and Science college for the Bsc IT programme! Not much exciting but at least I can live my dreams! I was very much sceptical about the name of the college, but as I spent the first day in it, I discovered people over here are amazing and friendly! I really do hate to study in it but I’m in it because I have wacko-type friends!


The first day in college went without any great happenings, then 2nd 3rd,etc…. not much! Until I discovered that people had been talking about me! OH! I thought this is incredible! Its like the sky is falling down more like my dreams coming true! I met many people yea people means boys + girls! I had to change myself and throw my old retard like character and bring out a new wacko-type person, so that I can survive the heat! I hope u got what I meant!

And yes I did bunk many classes, went for movies and stuff! Life here in Coimbatore has really changed me much! I now feel more energetic and more confused than before because I got maths in my syllabi! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! I’m done for it! I was left with no choice but to accept thr brutality of it and move on! I was forced to once more bring out my mathematic brain out!(P.s I took informatics in 11th and 12th so maths is kinda weird now).


For the first time I talked live in front of a live audience in stage. It was a thanksgiving speech. I practiced my part all day and night like a sleepless retard! It was the day I delivered my speech and unbelievingly , people loved it! One fellow was like “Sallu your speech was good” another went like this “Your voice great” another bursted out this way “Really good English!” and finally a girl “Nice talk dude”. All these word a praise were like something froze my body I couldn’t believe it was me receiving all these words of magic! It was like a beggar found his fortune under his sack of stinky clothes! In short it was above my expectations :P!

Forgetting about maths and talking about chicks! Well this place does have many colourful chickens and hens! I mostly spent my lunch break watching the colourful beings walk around me; well not alone I do have a lot of company beside me! A day in my college is ‘sometimes’ like a day in the pub!



To summarise it all up! I’m HAVING A GOOD TIME HERE!!!!!!!




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