<3 I gotta change <3

Is this life that I lived?

All the same everyday,

I had to wake up,

Just as the sun rises,

Had to go to bed,

As soon as the sun sets!



Well that’s what I had lived,

For ages.

I have lived such a life for the sake of it!

I never cared,

That I had been ruining me all the time I lived!




I had been stupid,

I had been a dwarf for others,

I never knew what life really was,

Until now!




I see the real face of the world around me!

I’m just wondering.

How bad this could be?

Because the world has always been harsh on me,

I never had the chance to take chances,

I had been a fool!



I realise that I’m something,

I realise that the world needs me,

I realise that the world isn’t all round,

I realise that,




And so I changed,

For the better me,

I changed for a better life,

I just want to know the reason!

I just want to know why I was made?



When I look back at my life,

I see myself the way I had been,

I had been selfless!

I had been strained!

I had never spent time for myself, 

I had always had a spirit in me,

It was hidden!



I just got it unleashed,

I have just discovered the true me!

Yes its going to be a better smile,

Its going to be the new me!

And I owe it all to me!!



I love the way I’m,

And always will! 






Dedicated to the one and only @Sreelu prakash 😀