The Answer!

I have had endless dreams, they come and go like the rain!

I have seen endless roads, they all lead to different paths!

I had been promised by many, some were fulfilled, some for forgotten!

I have had sleepless nights,

Some I spent counting,

Some I spent suffering!


I have seen tragedy,

I have felt love!


I have been high,

I have felt the guilt of a loser!


I have been let down,

I stood up above sometimes!


Life sounds complicated,

So are the people!


I always thought why I’m here?

But never had the answer!


The answer lies within the question!

I’m here for me!

I’m here all by my own!

Because when I came in here,

I never know when it would all end!


I have to face my end,

All by myself!

I have to live,

All by myself!


I have no complaints,

Nor do I raise questions!



I know!

I know people,

I know them very well!

I know they are here like me,

Living it in here!

They act like they care!

But the acting is too good!

Nobody notices it!

But that’s the truth!


The world is a drama,

You play your role,

The rest played by others!


The moment you realize your role!

You know you are all alone!


When it all ends,

You role ends!


Then your role is just another story-to-tell!



Salman(aka SallU)

My Confessions part.3 <3

The world was not made in one day! That’s what they say…. But my day is made complete by some special set of people. I dedicate this part of my confessions to them. To start with my days are going like any other day of a standard college student! The same things, over and over again. Waking up early morning, waiting for the bus and spending quality time with friends and foes! It doesn’t end there, the loads of assignments and homework’s have become an irritating routine! Much of the days spent as a college student is mixed with emotions and great expectations! My life has started to gain some pace, now I realise and intake the experience I gain. At times time seems extinct! My day starts with the usual routines. Some days pass without any interesting events, some pass with pain while others just turns out to be a boring usual Mondays! It seems that things have changed from weird to weirder! Its kind of emotionless and pointless! Mere words aren’t enough to express the feelings! After the next three years I never know were I’m gonna end up! But all I want to have is a decent salary with the perfect partner. Hope everything would go well for me. I have a bunch of friends that I need to tell about! ‘’Amazing’’ is the most appropriate word that I can use to describe them. They always will make my day! People who make my day includes:

Abhayendu M Abhi

Well he is my class mate and the best buddy ever. He has a unique hair style that differentiates him from others! At first when I met him I realised we both share a common interest for gaming! This fellow is also good in graphic designing and photo-editing, truly a master! His character seems to be filled with rich innocence and happiness. No matter what, he never let’s himself down. We both did the first ever paper presentation in college. His smile never fails to impress me or anyone! Each and every word he speaks has a blend of mallu in it, but it’s kind of cute you know? 😛 … Dude if you are reading this let me tell you that my never is complete without you 

Arvind John Soju

I would call him a silent genius! Because of all the people I have met he seems to have the most complex and differentiated personality ever! At first I felt jealous over it! Then I realised that being jealous would only spoil the good times we would likely have! So, I befriended him and included him as one of my best buddies! He seems to excel in everything. In studies, sports, etc… I kind of admire him, because he has one bold mind to face anything! He is hard to argue with tough pious in his speech! Sometimes he inspired me to do things! And he has the best parents ever! I admire his family too! He has a sweet house back in trivadrum. I want to know more of him and surely will! Dude if you reading this let me tell you that you have got an amazing personality, please do teach me how to be like that 😉 ….You always will make my day 

Jyoti Prasad

I have so much to talk about him. One of the most realistic personality ever! Got a heart of diamond! I need to say because all the pain and sorrow’s he face never made an impact on him. A bold personality with sheer humour . he never failed to make me laugh or smile when I’m down with sadness! I think you are kind of amazing in all ways. You need to start opening your text book 😛 Dude if you are reading this, all I want to tell you is that “MACHII you make my day complete da” 😀 Praveen Sankar Narayanan The PSN :P…… Well to tell about him, he is the person who shares the same views as I do. A rocking and kick-ass personality! I have a lot to tell about him. I met him first over facebook and then our friendship grew stronger by the day. Everything in you is rich with humour and happiness, you do act lame sometimes. But still you never fail to put up a smile on my face whenever I meet you. “Bitch” Is his favourite word! His favourite drink is 7up mixed with vodka LOL! We go for movies together and he is the key financer for it! God made him unique; I don’t know why but I always feel that I never will get a friend like him! Love u lots man! Mwwwwwwaaaaaah 😛 If you are reading this I have to tell you that my day is a 100% complete one because of you 😀

Shafeeque Suhail

Dude were do you come rom? 😛 I have to aks you this because I never found anyone in Coimbatore who talk so good English! You seem to have a hard-core personality filled with boldness! Honestly speaking I don’t know much of him! But I know that his friendship is a gift of God! I share most my thoughts and sadness with him! He seems to understand me very well! And he also knows how to make me happy! For him the word ‘’boring’’ has no meaning! He was waiting for this part of ‘’My confessions’’ for a long time. Here it goes dude! All I want to tell is that I want to know more of you! And you make me day a complete one! 😀 Karan My master, my inspiration! He is the person I respect the most! He is kind of a life guru to me! He is my senior and has the best mix of all things in life! He rather inspires me to do things than forcing me to do it. Sometimes I felt that he has got the best character ever and even tried to be like him, but then he told me that I should me what I’m and should never try to copy anyone! I will never forget his words, he said originality in a person brings out the best out of him! I truly admire his sayings and his way of communication with others! Cheta if you are reading this I wish you the best of luck for your unpredictable future and I have to say that my day is never complete without you 

Anita Angelin

Well! Buahahahahah 😛 ….. HAHAHHA 😛 I don’t know why but she is funny! I met her over facebook then met in college! An interesting girl with a lot of smile on her face! I admire her eyes! And yeah she has never failed to make me happy when tears of sadness roll down my cheeks! She knows all about me, I share every little thing with her! She even made lunch for me once! I always have a smile when I talk t her. The way she talk its funny 😛 . Dude if you are reading this I wanna tell you that I’m blessed to have a friend like you and you always will complete my day!

Reshna Rajan

We both hail from middle-east(she being from muscat)! I call her mom 😛 Well there is a reason for it! Her smile seems to never fade from her face! She is kind of innocent and friendly! Fun to talk with! Well she too travels in the same bus like I do! I have made her go crazy at times, sorry for al that :P… She too has a great sense of humour! Dude if you are reading this I wanna tell you that you make my day complete 

These are the people who feature in making my day complete! I like them all equally. I never want to loose anyone from the above list because you people are my lucky buddies! A day without you is like vodka without alcohol 😛

Now that I have spent time in India, I have started liking the place and its people. The place I live in is a small town with some occasional beep of the vehicles, sometimes I get so irritated by the noise that I would hit my head repeatedly on the well several times. Stress has become a daily routine, I’m now attending extra evening classes, as I’m doing a diplomas in IT security! I leave home at about 9 in the morning and reach home only by 9 in the night! Because of this never-ending chain of classes and lecture that is bombarded into my mind I’m now like a memory device that needs to store every bit of valuable information! Some think it’s kind of nerdish. Well to succeed in the IT field in need to seduce my brain to get stuck with books literally! I’m more like a struggling student who just wants a good pay and secured future.

My other classmates seem so dumb, I don’t know why but it is like this! The girls in the class add up for the mess, sometimes I get irritated; as when the professor would be delivering his speech there would some burst of words and sentences from the girl’s side which sometimes I feel is like the voice of desperate chickens ready to be slaughtered! Much to y excitement the college which I study in provides the best facilities in all terms, it’s the only plus point of SKASC! I have attended my 1st semester exam carefully I have spent desperate nights mugging up the concepts! God seems to me non-existence at times, because things I face nowadays seems to be filled with un-ending chain of sorrow mixed with a number of happy incidents!

But wherever my life takes me I always feel I don’t have a place in the group! I don’t know if the statement is true or not but sometimes I feel like a joker left-out! But sometimes I feel like the king of nothing! And now here I stand before the world still facing it with all my strengths and weaknesses , I feel like an unbeatable soldier 😀 Still I’m gifted with such amazing friends who stand like a supportive inspiration to me!

I thank you people all for befriending and yeah you people are the best mirror to me, because you people bring out more of me and I learn more of myself everyday I sepnt with you people. An infinite thanks to You all….. That’s all folks