I’m willing to let you go,

I”m willing to forget you,

I’m willing to get away from you,

I’m willing to make my self extinct!


I’m willing to do all this and more,

Just for the sake of your happiness!

I’m willing to do all this,

Because I need to see you smile like you always did!

Because I cant bear my self seeing you struggle when I’m around!


All I asked for was care and love,

All I got in return was hate!

I asked you stay beside me forever,

I never had the slightest idea that you would leave!


I feel like a statue,

Watching you do all this and,

I do nothing but act like I don’t care!


Deep inside there is a fire,

I will come back to what I was,

Until the fire is put off!


I seek for patience,

I seek forgiveness,

I seek for boldness,

I seek for courage,

So, that I can face the truth that’s slapped before me!


I know that I can never be the same,

All I know is that I’m a looser who awaits a prize!

The prize for being coward and selfish!

I ought to win,

but loosing was my fate!


I can’t change fate,


I can change my mind,

I can change things,

I can clean up this mess,

I can mend my heart,

I can change myself!

For a better human then what I’m now,

For a better life that I know I deserve!

For a better tomorrow to turn things around,

For a better friend to my close one’s!

For being really what I ought to be!


I need a new me to face the change I welcomed!

I thank God who made me realise of what I’m really and,

I thank him for giving me a second chance to be myself!

I owe all my life to him and no one else,

because I’m his creation and only to him I abide!


– SallU