An apple falls on my head

An apple falls on my head:

I walked down the grounds of Sri Krishna College! I stopped for a second, and just turned around to observe the people around me! I found smiling faces, sad faces, excited ones and he neutral ones!  Mixed emotions and mixed feelings all around me! I ask myself this question: ‘’ Is my education worth it, Is the education being given to all these lads worth it’’?  I asked this to my professor at first, all she had to tell was this ‘’ It’s nothing about your concern thambii!’’ . Deep inside her eyes I could read that she doesn’t care about any education, she is just doing her job to get paid her peanuts! I then ask this question to my mates they said : ‘’ Machi this is India not your dubai’’. I just don’t understand what they mean!

Answers :

I then turn for answers. Currently I’m doing BSc IT, I do a small research on my current syllabus and compare it to the syllabus of many other universities , I’m only shocked to find that the syllabus has not been updated since 2000! For twelve long years there has been no change, while all the other universities outside tamilnadu and kerala have introduced atleast two papers on modern day computing!  Before I criticize this pattern I stop think about the 300+ IT students in my college, did they all join IT because they craving for IT or did they join IT because all their friends joined the same or was IT their last resort? The thing is that there some people who have taken IT because  they really are craving for a job in the IT industry!

IT without information :

I dug deeper for answers! I observe and learn people doing IT courses, I only find that more than 70% of then take up IT because they feel it is easy! I was totally confused, how do people even do that? Days later I learn that my college has the highest number of placements in the Bharathiar University circle! I was attracted by this fact at first! But later on I had to think twice, ‘’How and why did this happen’’?  I never have answer for this. Later I hear my principal uttering this in a gathering : ‘’ I don’t make students with degrees here, I make students with a job, this college doesn’t provide degrees, it provides jobs’’, and I go like WTF?

Placement in an MNC:

‘’Placement’’- A word that is heard very often in the colleges all around Coimbatore, what does it really mean? Placement is a process by which a company FILTERS and SELECTS candidates who are proposed to work for them! When I tell they are proposed to work I mean it, once these people get placed in a big MNC they give a formal training to these candidates, the placement process starts from the college campus and ends on the last day of training given in the company’s campus. For example Infosys had taken about 200 students from my college, out of that 200 training would be given to those candidates who accepts to work for them, they all are taken to the campus within the company and there they meet up with IT students who have been selected all around the country, that would add up to around; I really don’t know the figure. After the training only 50% of the students are taken in as as employees. I just don’t  freekin understand why did they chose the rest 50% at the first place? Placements here in my place is like an imaginary God, it is worshipped all year long, and when the God calls the judgment day he judges the lambs on the basis of marks and ability! Brain- wash this is what placements mean to me! The college with the highest number of placements is treated as the local whitehouse! I’m embarrassed and knocked down to the earth! The real meaning of education is forgotten here, Education means to accept what on learns and add the information to their knowledge! But what education means here is totally different from the real thing. Education here in the south is a business, here profits and losses is counted by the number of placement orders. The students entering the college are first brain-washed about and all are told that placement is God and if one doesn’t get a placement in an MNC then he is not an able person!

If 100 people attend a placement ceremony at least 30 would have attended pre placement training, these training might have burnt a hole in their pockets. Some must have attended spoken English classes and some might have attended technical training classes. The plight of the rest of 70 are unknown. The lads who don’t speak fluent English are obviously pissing their pants on the placement hall! When placements take over the real importance of a what a degree, it means that it is time to wake up from the dream! When education is no more valued than just  a post in an MNC its time to change the education system! I might sound crazy, but crazy things have happened to me in these couple of months and such crazy things happened long before I came here!


The current system of education is undoubtedly outdated and needs to change. Education here is basically like a fire and we students the fuel, more the fuel the more longer it burns!  The fire being ignited by the so called placements! Dear people please wake-up a sheet of paper or a 2 minute interview is not going to change your life. If you have an ability and if you want to make use of it then get a good education and work for a company that treats you and your resource with respect. If you think the graduation you have done isn’t enough and you think that you need to do a post graduation, then please dump placements and do what you think is best for you! If you are not ready to work as a professional then wait for and please do learn more! ‘’Placement is a just a process of selection, it doesn’t guarantee you an employment’’. Eat this statement everyday with your breakfast!!!