Paradox of the Sun!

Sun's Paradox

The Sun!
The only mass that kills within proximity,
And also the only mass that supports life from a long distance!

It showers its rays upon the earth,
Wakening up the deep sleep in all living kinds!
It propagates a new day , a new start and a new rich experience !

Without the sun the world would be immersed in darkness.
It would equalize nothingness and fear upon everything

Oceans Have Eyes (Photo Story)

Oceans Have Eyes

Photo Story #1 :


When I cut them open what’s that I see?
Trifling tiny Mussels staring up at me!
I pull them out – the shells are now empty,
Leaving only traces, of that hidden beauty. . .

I hold them out to you – temme what you see?
Are they tonight’s dinner – specially from the sea? ♥
Or do you see these mussels back where they should be?
In those mighty majestic waters – so sparkling blue and free. 🙂

But of course I won’t release these Mussels,
They’ve consumed too much strength from my muscles.
So they’ll go down your throat or maybe into mine,
Either I get money or I get to dine.

Oh wait- there’s something else in the container that I spot.
It doesn’t own a shell – its divergent from the lot!
A tiny little starfish accidentally caught. . .
Wondering how its world got so suddenly distraught.

Well our life on land is parallel to theirs. . .
We let others capture us amidst nauseating jeers!
We get used by them or they pass us on to others,
They strip us naked, they chop off our wings and feathers!

YEAH! Society can MAKE you a tiny Mussel sweetheart
or that lost starfish – whether you like it or not!
But tune your heart and soul to the Oceanic rhythm ♥
Push away the net – life’s not an algorithm…

Be the Ocean’s gorgeous gypsy… Be the waters’ terrific tribal
Seek for answers from within you – you won’t need the Quran or Bible. 🙂
Life is to live – EVERY second, minute, hour, day.
In pursuit of happiness … in your own u-n-i-q-u-e way! ♥

Many beautiful stories does the Ocean contain,
Many Mussels and starfishes does the Ocean sustain.
Break free from that net, break off that heavy chain. . .
You’ll lose the fear in you… your OWN LIFE you will gain. ♥


Picture Clicked by : Sallu(Foxie)

Poem by : Sheeba(Foxie)

A Positive Truth

There exists only one universe and two basic energies it!
Positive and Negative energy. Both these energies are interdependent on each other.
If there exists only positiveness then only happiness is filled all around, no problems will arise. But if no problems arise , there is no room for solutions, there is no room for questions. If questions go extinct then there is no effort to think. If there is no effort think then the very existence of life has disappeared.

Questions need to be asked. Answers needs to found. If only goodness exists then life is fake. There needs to be some negative energy in order to solve problems. That does not mean that negativeness must exist always in order for existence. It simply means that positive energy is filled in oneself who has positive thoughts in them. Negative energy is filled in oneself if he/she thinks of negativeness all mostly.

Therefore the universe throws you back what you give it. If you fill the people around you with love, people love you back and they respect you, but if you raise a finger and point at mistakes and gossip and insult others, then problems and complications arise. Its mysterious but this the naked truth(or even a law) of the universe.

Positive thoughts accept positive energy and negative thoughts accept negative energy, not like a magnet which attracts positive and negative ends. In reality the universe is an inverse magnet. Like poles attract and unlike poles repel.

Try to fill yourself and dominate your thoughts with positiveness and let the negativeness be lesser. No one cannot always live with positive energy 24/7; but if one does really absorb all the positiveness and there is not even a grain of negativeness in him/her then that is when enlightenment and spirituality has been found!




sunshine_8-t2Times have been tough
tempers have gone high
Paths have gone rough
tears have run dry .

Guilt that keeps comin back like dandruff in hair
sadness that chills me right to the bone
Pain so deep its impossible to bear
people whispering “her heart’s made of stone”

Friends you thought understood your soul
friends you believed to be genuine
it all crashed when grief gripped you whole
coming terribly alive – the ghosts of halloween

Love that dried under the scorching heat
love that shrunk like every hibiscus petal
love that bloomed despite the sun’s torture-treat
love loud in music yet beautiful in lyrics – like metal 🙂

I’ve lived a lifetime in the past 30 days
I’ve felt hatred in harsh cruel ways
I’ve known friendship that’s made me feel alone
I’ve seen, heard and felt – myself being thrown

I’ve caused horrifying hurt – involuntarily
I’ve caused awful agony – extraordinarily
Though I don’t have regrets there’s one thing I would like
The hurt and agony to come to me and strike.

The golden dust streaming in through your window- in the air
The sun helps you see it… but its always there ♥
The golden dust is love, the invisible air is inner strength
I am glad i found MY sun – showering on me rays of immeasurable length.

yeah I have felt hate that pulls down my chin
but I have love that makes my head spin ♥
and so i will smile no matter what
coz though i have lost i have also got 🙂

Baby life is to live – right now right here.
Life is to sing – without a fear
the tune may go weird, a beat maybe missed – but still you singing is the right choice
coz there are still people who despite all- love the sincerity in you voice. 🙂 ♥

And so i smile
Now and every once in a while
for haven’t you heard … —
the world looks brighter when you were a smile
its always in fashion never out of style . 🙂 ♥ :*

By, Sheeba Sulthana (aka Foxie)