Pondering through the Shore! (Photo Story # 2)


Story by Sheeba (Aka Foxie)
Photo clicked by Salman(Aka Foxie)

Don’t look – see
Don’t hear – listen
Don’t touch – feel
*Don’t judge – observe*
Don’t think – be awake
Don’t fight . . . love

Though every line above starts with don’t . . .
you can’t see without lookin, can’t listen without hearing, can’t feel without touchin (and that doesn’t mean only the physical touch), can’t be awake without thinking.

And yeah – you can’t love without fighting. Fighting in itself shows how beautiful love is. You care for each other so you fight. You are trying to make your partner realize something meaningful – so you fight. :’) This kind of fighting is beautiful. Coz love is guarding it

And the guardian is getting stronger every time it guards – in total concern of the other. In unconditional care for the other :’)

So yeah – though every line starts with don’t, you need to pass through these to see, listen, feel, be awake n love. without passing through it, you won’t realize it exists. You’ll be unaware of it though its right before you.

*Don’t judge – observe*
This one’s an exception. You can observe without judging. You need not judge something and label it as “good” or “bad” or “terrible” or “stupid” or whatever. You can just be conscious of everything around you. Because when you judge, you most often put together what you see, hear and know about something or someone by others telling you. And just by doing this, you decide whether that something or someone is bad or good.

But the truth is – you don’t really know that something or someone. You are just making foolish decisions. Yes. Foolish decisions – because you have not experienced for yourself how that something or someone is. You just repeat what others repeat who have repeated what yet others have repeated.

Complicated right? So stop being complicated. Be simple, be loving and this simply must be repeated again — don’t judge. It doesn’t show how someone or something is; judging only reveals the filth and pollution of one’s mind. Try not to judge and see those filth and pollutants leave your mind. And when that happens – your mind is left pure, left whole, left beautiful – just the way it was when you were born.

One last thing –
Don’t read – Understand 😉


Bunked college today. Had nothing better to do so yeah! logged on to facebook. And what’s on my newsfeed? Hearts, Roses, Red, Pink, Couples, Hugs, Kisses, I LOVE YOU in 101 languages – it goes on. SHEESH. 🙂 To me, this paramount display of love is overwhelming as well as a lil fake. Is love only sayin “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAYYY!! I LOVEE YOUUUU!! ♥” ? No. 🙂 Love is not just what is seen today. It’s that which must be seen 365 days of the year. It’s that which is FELT and expressed every second. Not just today.

To all the lovers out there . . – treat today like any other day. 🙂 But treat every single day as Valentine’s day ♥ Valentine’s day wasn’t created by you. But the special bonding you have between each other was born out of YOUR souls. Make it more special every moment. Make it divine. Make it blissful ♥ :’) Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂 Let the amazement and freshness of your love renew EVERY DAY ♥ Let it not be showing OFF love .. let it be showing OF love instead. ♥ 🙂 :*

To all the single people out there . . – If being single makes you happy, be it ♥ There’s nothing weird or wrong about it! ♥ Try not to condemn lovers or love . . . – who knows, one day, your idea of happiness might change ♥ :’) Happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂 Keep loving yourselves more and more ♥ :* :*

This status is dedicated to HIM. Who taught me today is like any other day and any other day is today… ♥ He fills me with love everyday ♥

For me – Love WAS that moment when he didn’t let go of me – when I was facing the baddest of moods. love was when even in that moment he kept sayin with inevitability, with positiveness that he loves me. ♥ :’) :*

Love IS this passing second where I smile thinkin of the way he smiles. ♥ and the way his voice mesmerizes me when he talks of our present and future together . :’)

and Love WILL BE that moment when one day I wake up in the morning. . think of making us both some coffee. And when I open my eyes.. find him lookin into my eyes with two cups of coffee in his hands ♥ :’) and then i slap him ( coz it was MY idea to do it ) :p 😉 hehe ♥ :*

Salman . . . You once said you can define love in a single word for me – sheeba. 🙂 I can define you in a single word – LOVE ♥
Your love makes me strong. ♥ Thank You Foxie ♥ :’) I LOVE YOU ♥ 🙂 :* my idiot ♥ :’) :*

SO YEAH HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO ALL . . . CATS, DOGS, RABBITS, LOVE BIRDS 😛 COUPLES , SINGLE PEOPLE ( the world treats these two as two different species, believe me :p ) , MOM, DAD, BRO , SIS, FRIENDS, METALHEADS and FOXIE ♥ :’) :* :* :*
Colour ur lives with more than pink and red . . . pls!! coz –
the rainbow only looks beautiful because its diverse ♥ :* :’)