My Confessions.(Part 6)

When a boat has sunk, it’s under the ocean forever until someone goes exploring the dark depths hunting for treasure. Well my boat has sunk and I’m on my painful but epic journey on discovering my ‘boat’! For the time being I’m just coming out of the depths to let you people know that I’m still alive and breathing but not very sure that I’m healthy! Discoveries can be made late or rather too early. This is the story of my discovery!

Currently my second year has come to an end. And I’m doing a bachelors in IT (3 years). By the start of the semester I thought commitment was a dilemma that one had to face to get into known danger! Well I was unfortunately proved wrong (more like fortunately but prefer to stick to being unfortunate: P). I never knew that getting to know a random person in the most horrible place on the planet would change my entire life literally! Well I aint gonna brag about my luck, but still I have this bolt of desire to expound the story of how I met that person 😛 ! It started as a normal day and then suddenly I met her; well I was just kidding. Facebook was the culprit here again! I found her profile sent a request and voila the friend request that changed my life! I met her in the library for the first time (P.S: I was having a bad allergic reaction on my body that particular day which made me look like a numbskull!). That first meeting turned out to be awsful (Awesome + Awful). There are many complicated reasons why it was that way, so I aint disclosing the secrets 😛 ! Time went by we fell for each other and hooked up.

My soul mate is an MBBS aspirant who due to some demanding reasons got stuck up in SKASC! (Sad story). It kept me thinking when she has such a great dream to achieve, what am I winning from Bsc IT? The answer: N O T H I N G! My so called famous college is so drunk with placements that all day long we learn to get placed in a cabin with a computer stuck to your face for the rest of my life. I mean seriously guys this is sad to know, many people just want to move Jupiter to get paid peanuts! But it’s a fact all that matters here is getting a job and not a dream career! I realized that I was kinda good at organizing quiz shows, debates, etc. at college level, which lead to another counter realization that I can organize and manage people! So the ultimate dream just popped up I SHOULD GET AND MBA DONE!

Well for starters who think getting an MBA is like picking leaves form your backyard, well it’s just not true! Getting a good recognized MBA degree from a premier college is more like pestering an infant to sprint! So here it goes. To get an MBA/PGDM from an IIM one needs to pass the CAT management entrance test with ULTRA GIGANTIC MAJESTICLY FLYING COLORS, the fact is that you need to score a minimum of 98% to get a call letter from one of the IIM’s in the country! Well I know it sounds ridiculous but its true guys and gals, it’s true L . And the sad part is that math plays an important role in the entrance test. Math has always been archenemy from childhood (I had never scored more than 70% in any math exams for the past 15 years :/). Well here I’m facing the traitor again!

I’m not done yet. I have some concerns about the way colleges function in this part of the world. They take in a large number of students every year, more than what they can handle usually and then try to convince the poor bastards that their lives are safe. Well, HELL NOW! Guys and a girls I have a message for you, our lives are miserable we are being taught something we chose to learn and we are hammered every day about the importance of campus recruitment! Let me tell you something that your faculties have never told you, ‘’We all are losers, yes including me because we are being taught that that the corporate world is all that matters, the corporate economy is the way to go, the corporates are your saviors and that the corporate industry our gods! And we guys just freekin accept all that and we just f***in eat that shut raw every day. I mean open up your frail little eyes, look at what they are doing to you, they are cultivating slaves in colleges, so that we slaves can perform like robots out there in the industry and they convince us that we have no other choice.” People get out obsereve nature breathe some fresh air. And when I tell fresh air I mean the air of the meadows, the air which our farmers breathe not the air of confusion and tragedy that we intake every day in our classrooms. Save your f***in lives from this disaster. Learn to make a choice of your own rather following bull shit placements frantically. We all have one life to live for not infinite and it’s not like in a first person video games that we can respawn every time we get shot when one is busy reloading our weapons! Your weapon is your mind and don’t put it to absurd use rather clean it up and re discover it! Guys, gals it’s not too late to understand that placements are necessary only as a last resort or an investment and not a way of life or a defined way to build a career.

I talk with a lot of hatred because Somehow parents in the neighborhood believe that when their son/daughter gets into an MNC it’s all done, after that there is nothing! GUYS my parents too believe in this nuisance and not they are refusing to send me for my Masters which I badly wish to study. I believe that this is not the proper time for me to work in an MNC I perfectly believe that I need more training in my concern and I wish to work professionally and NOT DESPERATELY! Someone, anyone please out there. Stop this madness. Someone please convince my parents to send my for a masters I badly crave for. I DO NOT WISH TO WORK IN AN MNC. Thanks for listening to my story… I’m extremely sorry if I hurt your feelings but I’m hurt too!Z1J7Vy