Mistakes are for Winners!

A mistake, according to the English dictionary is defined as an error in action, calculation, opinion or judgment caused by poor reasoning, insufficient knowledge or carelessness. Philosophers and great thinkers might tell that a human being is bound to make mistakes; not only humans but animals do make mistakes. When a fierce wild lion tries to hunt down its prey it does not always mean that the lion could capture a fast moving pray in the first try. It’s rather possible only with days of practice and failure. This is the natures’ proof that mistakes happen for a reason; and that reason is that mistakes prove to be life lessons. No human being walked this planet without committing a sin or mistakes. The lion would never get his stomach filled without his timely mistakes. In the same manner a human being is bound to make such great and smaller mistake that teaches him a lesson of failure.

This does not imply that failure happens due to mistakes. Sometimes failure happens due to utter ignorance of responsibility, trust, etc. World leaders like Adolf Hitler, George bush and Obama have all learnt from their mistakes. Famous sportspersons like Sachin and Lionel Messi and other important personalities have made mistakes which has brought them to immense world recognition as leaders in the sport they play. Committing a mistake is purely a mistake, it is nothing but a mistake that is happening or bound to happen which implies that human mind is not aware that the action or work being done is a mistake unless and until he completes the work or action.
Keeping in mind that mistakes are just a simple flaw in thought process I’m now proceeding to what religion and priests have to tell on this subject. Religion has a key role in changing people’s mind. Once born as an infant, he knows exactly nothing, his brain and senses starts picking up what he sees and experiences. A human infant learns from his parents. Then the child is baptized as a Christian or brought up with tales of Ramayana and bhagavat gita or he is bought up by the call to prayer in a mosque. As he grows he is fully aware of things that are right and things that are wrong. Right from the childhood he has been told that one must not make mistakes, if one does then he shall die in vain or he shall rot in the hell or he shall be fried in hell fire like a chicken tandoori . Much to my surprise all of these children make a dozens of mistake, they learn from their mistakes, and at the same time they are also told that if one makes mistake then he shall be tortured in some vicious hell fire; this is CHILD ABUSE. When we humans are fully aware that mistakes do happen, then why would the same person tell their loved ones right from the childhood that mistakes are to be weighted and punished for in some hell fire.

This sickening concept of torture and beating for making ‘MISTAKES’ is confusing. In the start of my article I mentioned that a mistake is an unplanned or intended activity. How can some be punished for a ‘mistake’ that one does unknowingly? How can God the almighty who showers his blessing and mercifulness and kindness torture someone for committing something that one is not aware of when one is doing it? Isn’t this ridiculous? Why, why, why? Why do humans make mistakes ask this question to yourself and after that imagine yourself being tortured for making a mistake?

We are born with some basic rights, one of them is the right to choose. If there exists numerous religions and faith? Why not leave the choice faith to the individual. Why do parents have to stereotype him and force one to follow a particular belief that he has no clue of. Is this an act of stupidity or is this all a mistake? Is human kind and society a mistake? Where have we put ourselves in this beautiful world? We have spoilt the beauty of nature. Segregation, racism, terrorism, corruption, rape, violence murder? Where does all this arise from? Does this all have a common link to the faith we are forced to comply with or does these condemned activities arise just simply out of nowhere? Let’s all wind up and start form the age of dinosaurs. We know that all dinosaurs are not the same, and yet no one separated them on the basis of caste, religion,etc. Then came humans. In the early ages the discovery of fire sparked a shock and disbelief. Man then learnt to cook his food with fire and warm themselves during the unforgiving winter. Then man saw the sun, the moon the massive mountains, man was left awe inspired with all he saw and experienced. Since fire protected him form danger and at the same time served many different purposes, he regarded fire as ultimate, and began worshipping it. He worshipped the sun that shed its light during a solar eclipse, man worshipped the moon that guided him at night with a faint light. In short whatever helped him make life easier to live he regarded them as God the ultimate. Then came the religious outgrowth of Christians, Mohammedians, Sikhs, jews, etc. Then came vehicles, telescopes, the bulb that lighted up our homes. It was the advancement of science and technology that led the way!

Soon the sun, the moon and the fire was no more worshipped man created THE GOD to satisfy his spiritual urges. It was spread by word of mouth, by the sword and by books. And now we have a world where brothers are ready to kill brothers, spilling blood across the land. We have priests that say humans must not make mistakes? I have to ask these priests out of curiosity, a mistake is something that is uncalculated or unintended, how can these people accuse us for making mistakes. Religious scholars and priests all must be accused of crime. A silent crime that’s never spoken or heard. A crime of mental torture and spreading a sense of confusion in people’s minds. Yes they have committed crimes, something the world does not understand. Something the world forgets everyday. Priests have deprived us by covering our eyes with and brain with the black cloth of faith and religion. No religion asked man to kill his brothers, but these priests who have rogue does!

We are all born with wings to fly! Why chop them off and suffer? The people who preserve their wings and let them grow are the ones who make the difference. We must all know that a human individual is born not to be tortured for the mistakes he makes, I think he is rather born so that he must find the reason of life and serve his sentence in this earth as a free man and not as a ‘Mentally caged bird’!