Photo Story

Photo Story

I walked alone one day,
Into the woods.

Settled down by the tall trees,
Took a deep breath,
Inhaled the scent of mother nature!

It was nothing less than beautiful,
For what I saw that day changed me!

I’m no more blind towards the blue skies,
Sunlight became my closest friend and the rain my soul mate!

The wild became my new home,
I wandered deep,
Lost in awe.

Nature captivated me,
This is the only captivation that I shall never fight against!
For she has provided me with shelter and care.

I found bliss on earth finally,
I never knew bliss was so close,
It was just a little way away from my backyard!

Oh Mother!
You have aroused my thoughts and infused new blood!
I shall lie next to you and foster your existence!

Here I stand,
As a believer.
For you are my Goddess!
My prayers are such…….”engulf me with your arms and never absolve me!”

Pathway to the green

Tree Isha yoga

When you see green trees, remember that nature owns them not you!
When you see birds soaring high, remember they are free unlike we bonded with responsibilities!
When you see the rain remember that nature is always alive!
We might not live here forever, but learn to live with passion and remember that you are never homeless for everyone belongs to mother nature!


Light Play shutter

Time is not money,
Time is not treasure,
Time is not a unit,

TIME is TIME itself,
Time is just an illusion,
It can neither be created nor destroyed!
Time shall never redeem itself and shall never accompany anyone!


I’m a rebel


Do not bother,
For I’m confused!

Do not confuse me,
For I have no rest!

I do not rest because,
I have things to do!

I do things,
But never plan on doing it!

I do things to kill time,
Time maketh a man mad!

But time itself is something mad,
Humans count time with their device!

I count time with my instincts!
For I know exactly when I need to dodge!

I know I’m a rebel,
I prefer to be one rather than being human in this dreaded sinful place!