The Man

man witout legs

All that I see is people being shocked and surprised because I have lost a leg.
They see me as a beggar,
They see me as a Disabled person,
They see me as a lunatic,
They see me as an unclean beast,
In fact I’m always a disturbance to them!

But all I see them is as mere ‘Humans’.
I do not know why they do not understand me.
But all I can do is stand and with my singled feet and live my part on this earth!

The man who got it all

man with horns

I’m the one,
I lure tiny eyes,
My possessions attract little kids!

They see me smiling, they see me calm.
But inside me there is fear.
I fear that one day the things I sell,
Shall no more be favored by those tiny eyes.
I fear that kids might ignore my toys.

Then that is the true Apocalypse of my life!!