The cautious and perfect


The cautious and perfect


The Man

man witout legs

All that I see is people being shocked and surprised because I have lost a leg.
They see me as a beggar,
They see me as a Disabled person,
They see me as a lunatic,
They see me as an unclean beast,
In fact I’m always a disturbance to them!

But all I see them is as mere ‘Humans’.
I do not know why they do not understand me.
But all I can do is stand and with my singled feet and live my part on this earth!

Cool blue Night

Goa Night

A cool blue sky,
Gushing Wind and the sound of beach
There is nothing that sounds better!
There is nothing that feels better!

Sit back sip some beer and let out all the anxiety


Dad take me to the beach

lil girl

I like the beach,
but Im scared to go near the waters.

I like to build sand castles,
I hate it when the waves destroy them.

Dad where are you?


An afternoon


Some things never change. The quiet lullaby of a hot afternoon is one of them. Everything still. Everything sleeping.




The man behind those tastegasms! 😉


The man who got it all

man with horns

I’m the one,
I lure tiny eyes,
My possessions attract little kids!

They see me smiling, they see me calm.
But inside me there is fear.
I fear that one day the things I sell,
Shall no more be favored by those tiny eyes.
I fear that kids might ignore my toys.

Then that is the true Apocalypse of my life!!