Dare coming close?


Taken in a wax Museum in Goa


Dust Ranger

dust ranger

Found this road side worker clearing the road from pebbles, just then I decided to click the moment. The dust rising from beside her and me trying to click her made her shy and she covered herself with the cloth

I choose to Struggle(Photo Story)


A man might earn wealth either by struggle or by ease,
I chose to struggle because anything that is gained without effort is worthless no matter how wealthy you are!

I respect these people, because they choose not to laze around and whine about their sorrows. Instead they choose to do something about their condition even though it isn’t much. These somasas and tea he sold delighted me in the morning when I went on a vacation to the Goa’n beaches


Take me to the beach (Re- Upload)

Lil Girl

I like the beach,
but Im scared to go near the waters.

I like to build sand castles,
I hate it when the waves destroy them.

Dad where are you?


Sunrise by the Fields


The mesmerizing golden beam
Makes the cornfields day dream
Of heaven on Earth
Of eternity’s birth
Stay stay stay
This beautiful day


As the colors of the setting sun shimmers throgh the land


As the colors of the setting sun shimmers throgh the land


The sun and me


The setting sun,
green meadows,
Sounds of the water hitting the rocks,
Sweet smell of moist grass!
Bliss is always found when one is close to Mother Nature.