The Rainbow Journey

Everything my eyes see
Isn’t everything I see,
Chameleon lies
In my cornea’s memory.

Truth can’t always be concluded
By being so narrow headed,
While ears may find something more
Eyes may get an innocent beheaded.

I beg you, I plead, to you I pray,
The truth reveals itself when all senses naked, lay.
By abiding by one and discarding the rest,
The truth may hidden, forever stay.

Eyes aren’t just the two that we know,
Its easy to judge, though the truth is always slow.
Slow it maybe, but worthy it is,
Truth is more a multidimensional rainbow.

The colours are seven,
But the rainbow is one.
That rainbow is the truth,
Seven or none!

So use your eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch;
Then employ your mind – not less but much,
Now seek your inner spirit.. show a little heart,
And with these seven senses, the journey to truth you start.

That’s why you see
I insist on thee
Everything my eyes see
Isn’t everything I see.