Puppy Love


Found this mother doggie and Kid doggie in my campus.

The poor puppy was whining for milk, the mother doggie was adamant and did not agree to the puppy, probably because of all the people around her

As I lay Standing


As I lay standing here,
I saw mankind.

I saw them fight for religion,
Brothers killing brothers,
In the name of God!

I saw them burn down my brothers,
they cut down my cousins
and made wooden tables and things that man needed.

Today I have grown old,
I’m just tired,
Times have changed,
Humans are no more sane,
Everyone looks at each other with confusion and hate.

Oh Mankind,
Why fight with those hands when you can hug and Shake hands?
Why talk foul when you can be kind?
Why spread hatred when you can embrace love and peace?

Oh humans?
Don’t you know that you are subject to death one day?
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