Sachin Might be great, but his Indian ”supporters” are Lame…(read on below)

You may not know Sachin, but girl you do know how exactly to use your bat.  Dear Maria, “What the deuce is it to me?” Sherlock interrupted impatiently; “you say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon it would not make a pennyworth of difference to me or to my work.” These words were uttered by Sherlock Holmes, one of the greatest detective character of all times. He said the above when his friend Watson found that he knew absolutely NOTHING about the Solar System or how it works. Maria Sharapova I think you do a great job at playing tennis. You must be pretty confused receiving hate posts and messages. If it bothers you too much, I pray you reread Sherlock Holmes’ words. Whether fictional or not – the message he conveys is real. I see people everywhere thrashing you. People announcing their hatred for you. I found it pretty depressing. I mean, you don’t know Sachin. So?

You know Maria, I know Sachin. And I love him. His greatness in his field and your greatness in yours are things to be truly proud of. You don’t have to let haters get to you Maria. Personally I think- The world is not gonna END if you don’t know Sachin. The world is not gonna be SAVED either if you do know Sachin. I saw some of the hate messages Sachin’s fans posted on your page. Maria – trust me, they are not Sachin’s fans. They are immature people who’s ego is hurt. Why? Because something so important in their lives means almost nothing to you. In the name of fans, these are actually pathetic people trying to get themselves heard. They are being heard loud and clear Maria. But I feel sad every time I hear them. To see unpleasantness being spread TOWARDS a legend, in the NAME OF another legend – I think they don’t have a life Maria. These “fans” do not get that everyone has different priorities. Sadly, their only priority is making life miserable for you. Their only priority is fighting – for something unworthy of fighting. Don’t be disheartened Maria. I think the only person who should know Sachin is Sachin. Whether the rest know him or not is everyone’s personal business. I know, you must be thinking India is such a sad place to be in.

Maria, I am an Indian. And life is beautiful for me. You’ll find many like me here. We who believe – being a fan is a CHOICE. We don’t judge you based on your choices. Also, there are many living in delusion. They think you played once with Sachin but you are feigning remembrance. But the truth as you know is – you have never played tennis with Sachin. That was the then World number 35 Maria Kirilenko. You could make your haters check out this link: But you know what, don’t. Don’t care. People will read, see and think only what they want to read, see and think. There are a few more people saying you are doing this to take revenge on Sachin – due to some Sponsorship misunderstanding. Maria – I don’t know the truth of this. It’s anyway, still none of anyone’s business. If you honestly do not know him – I admire you Maria. People today want to appear to know-it-all. It’s nice to know at least one person who is not feigning knowledge but accepting ignorance.As a sportsperson and more than that a human being – you stand true to yourselves. If you do know him and still choose to say “no” – That’s your business. Not mine. Not anyone else’s. You are a human being too. And you have the right to make mistakes. Flaws are beautiful too Maria.

These fans who claim they know Sachin PERFECTLY. Well, they DON’T KNOW Sachin. I mean it. They just don’t. Yes they might know his cricket highlights, his best games, his worst times, his wife, his kids, his age, anything – yet they still don’t know him. They don’t know how disappointed Sachin is in them. How disappointed, that in his name – they create meaningless controversies. That in his name, they justify being unpleasant, heartless, jobless and plain moronic. Sachin would have been happier if his fans had more important things in life – like maybe, themselves. Maria, you have always been a strong person. And if these leeches ever manage to crawl right on your skin – you know a tennis bat can be used to more than just smash balls right? 

I hope these people realize that. That for you, more than knowing Sachin – the important thing is you know how exactly to use your bat. You go girl!  Yours sincerely, A person who doesn’t know you. (all that well) 


By, Sheeba Sulthana (Facebook page:

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