From The Heart Of A Child :(

This shall surely break hearts…
And forever will!!!


I happened to come across this picture on Twitter today and I haven’t been able to be at peace ever since. It just breaks my heart. It’s a picture about pain and suffering of a 3 year old boy who became a part of religious intolerance in Syria. This boy’s last words before dying were, “I am gonna tell God everything”. 😦

The child’s deeply touching words and the sentiment behind those words presents such a deprave situation of the world. These words make your eyes water and makes your heart so heavy. Is this the world we are living in ? The child wants to make an appeal to the Almighty to ‘punish’ the people who hurt him so inhumanly. If this is what a 3 year old is subjected to, what the hell are we doing ? Are we still humans or have turned into beasts ? It…

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You can seek my blessings, but
I shall remain tranquil and still,
Because I’m the Angel of Permanence.

You, with your plastic lives,
Shall not receive,
You shall not take,
For you are bogus,
And I am actual!