Muddebihal’s Sewage System (Critical Thinking Assignment)

In Muddebihal taluk, drains run in the open. There is no underground drainage system in place. Most of the drainage seep through a manually dug trench that runs throughout the taluk.

State highway 124 runs through the heart of the city which have diversions to many other gullies. The drainage that runs through the main roads are covered and the sewage that runs through the gullies and villages remain open.

Most of the drainage just flows into a canal that flows to the nearest ponds, river, etc. There is no sewage treatment plant in place.

Light truck owners in Muddebihal have a designated parking area that is close to the sewage. The parking spot is filled with pigs and the Municipality’s garbage disposal truck dumps the waste in the parking area which causes inconvenience for the truck owners.

The chief municipal officer of the Muddebihal Municipality Corporation said that the state government has sanctioned Rs.40 Crore for building an underground drainage system.

“Once the tender is complete, the construction shall begin sooner,” he added.

The underground sewage project will also include an STP(Sewage Treatment Plant) that shall treat and filter the waste before its being dumped.


A short Slideshow on Muddebihal’s Sewage system