The Migrating Bees—A Documentary on migration workers in Bangalore, India

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Behind this glitz of the IT capital of India(Bangalore), with its skyline filled with its array of gigantic buildings lays humble stories of thousands who build this city coming from all over of the country. The Migrating Bees tries to tell their stories of disparity and exclusion in progress and prosperity.

Raju and Tuna tell their stories of extended work hours, limited wages and the problems they face in this city.More to that is their agonies of alienation, shifting from blue tents to another in a big city away from their families with a meagre pay gives them a feel of delusion.

The hands that build and mend the city are being neglected as the city continues to moves on.

My Confessions (part. 9)

The Chennai Mail races through the tracks, I get down from my ‘Honda Activa’ to gaze the starry skies and the train compartments rushing on the tracks. It’s an ‘almost psychedelic’ experience, gazing at the compartments while the moonlight fills the sky. The LED lights’ trail creates a little illusion of a straight endless yellow line.

I was returning home from a friend’s place that day, stoned out of my skull. Jo said while leaving, “Bro, take care, be happy time will heal everything.” That’s the hundred millionth time I hear those words spoken. Sometimes I snap out and say, “Well I didn’t expect it coming.” I was home for winter and the only thing that I believed in was weed. It’s not the weed that I need, it’s the ‘high’ that I need. Jo is an easy go person, he knew how to ‘walk the talk’ and he never gave a slightest f*** about anything. A typical south Indian, post-college, job-goer.

Sometimes I feel worthless while calling up dad for cash. Most of my past college mates are doing well with high paid jobs. And me—I’m a trainee journalist with dreams of changing the world but broken in the inside. For the first time a bad break-up revealed myself to me— weak, stupid, selfless and dramatic. The words, “Pull yourself together young man” keeps buzzing in my ears when I see Mark, my professor every morning.

The other day I found myself in a hotel room wasted and moaning alone. Devdatt knocks on the door, I open it wiping away my tears. “What the f*** is wrong with you looser, get over her,” he takes a seat and continued: “Look at me, I have gone through a lot, don’t call her now.” Such were the words of a 19 year old who has just got into a journalism college after “SCHOOL.” I need school kids to tell me what to do or what not to. Nevertheless, I make the ‘call’ and up being more miserable than I was. Dev was right!

Devdatt and I were out drinking like mad pigs, we had just knocked down 20 shots of Tequila. My memory is dark beyond the last shot glass. I remember waking up to Mark’s phone call, he was yelling out: “Where you, get your ass here for the next class or you are in trouble.” I met Mark in his office the same day when I got back to the hostel. “Pull yourself together young man” he said, I wish I could tell him: “I’m trying Mark, I’m trying!”

Every night, I visit B4, the mysterious room in the hostel that everyone knows about. As I enter the room Koustav is seen dribbling the ball around, he looks at me, takes stance and shoots the ball at me. It almost misses my face; this is the kind of welcome I get, I’m not complaining just saying. Roy and Shekhar are fiercely starring into the laptop screen. It’s FIFA 14 and Shekhar is clutching to his joystick like his whole life depends upon the game. Roy yells out now and then when he misses a goal, we ignore and puff on our nicely made joint. Soumick, with a smile that touches ear-to-ear says, “Salman, did you complete the ethical and legal issues assignment?” I stop whatever I’m doing and turn towards him—“WHAT THE FUCK?” I just realized that I have to do a 2000 word assignment due tonight.

Life at IIJM (Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media) is different, and when I say different, I mean it. We are a family and we aren’t treated as students, the faculty is experienced the facility is satisfactory and everything is fine except for me, I’m confused as always, lost in thoughts that I shouldn’t have. Now that I’m home, I miss the place. I miss waking up to Noah yelling, “Dude its 9 get up” or Abhijith with his quirky Malayalam accent— “Da, eniku da, class undu (Wakeup we got classes).” My roommate Himadri  says that I’m a paying guest to B7(my room number at hostel), he might be true, but B7 is where my bed is and bed is where sleep is and sleep is where dreams are and ‘dreams shall always remain as dreams.’

Sometimes while I’m working at my PC in the media lab, Shameen drags her legs up to my compartment— “Let’s go to Akkas.” Akkas is where IIJNM students’ second life is. Akka is an Indian slang for the word “Aunty”. Aunty owns a shop and feeds us with Maggi, tea, coffee, etc. for a mere price. One day while Shameen and I were feasting on our delicious snack and she goes like, “You know Truffles?” “What’s that?” I ask. “It’s this amazing food joint with great burgers and stuff.” “Let’s go!” I exclaim, “I don’t have money” she says. “Then why do you say such things Shameeeen?” She continues hogging her noodles with an evil smile.

Friends like these are the reason why I have got a life, I can never imagine IIJNM without such people. There are more such friends whom I haven’t mentioned here. For them: Sorry that I couldn’t include you people, you all will remain as sweet memories when I leave. I hope you forgive me for the sins I have committed against you guys and for the sins I’m about to commit.

With just 4 months remaining off my first hostel life, I witnessed change, I rant about change in all my previous posts. But this time I’m vulnerable, I haven’t changed for good, I was forced to be this. I wonder if my fellow Trainee Journalists feel the same, because none of them seem like. Wake up, bathe, dress, work, sleep and repeat. This routine that we follow, do you really think you can change the world by doing things that someone asks us do? Really? I know I sound vague, but these are the kind of thoughts that infiltrate my mind. Merely shoving it off and continuing doesn’t help; I react to my thoughts and sometimes it’s helpful and sometimes it kills me.

I know I still sound vague, can’t help it peeps but this is what I’m.



My Confessions (Part. 8)

Sitting by this table that I have been sitting at for the past three years, memories flash through my mind: “Coffee, Books, Syllabus, Friends, Fights, Crying, Smiling, Studying, Writing, etc“. Finally I have less than 24 hours left in this city, a city that changed so much stuff; stuff around me and stuff within me. Sometimes I ask myself “What would my life have been like, if I would have never arrived in Coimbatore?” Well, the answer for that question is unreal because this is the reality I’m in right now, this is what I’m right now. A young, broke and high spirited Man.

This journey here was filled with struggles mostly, and I’m still struggling for things to be right or different but eventually I have to understand that I must give it some time and my best. Well I’m giving my best shot at life. Here I am on a new Chapter. Whenever a person came to me asking: “Dude, what are you gonna do next?”, my answers were always awkward.
I never believed in myself for things that I wanted to do. But now finally I can raise my head and answer “I’m studying journalism at Indian Institute of journalism, Bangalore”. Not something big to brag about, because this is only the beginning. But at this moment I feel like I have taken the most righteous decision. I feel responsible and courageous, because the next part of my journey as I know is going to be a little bumpy. But guess what? I wanted it this way, I wanted it to shake me and bring out the demons.

Aspirations need to be fueled by inspirations around you. My inspiration came from pain. Whenever I saw a person in pain, it put me through pain to watch him/her go through it. Even now. Sometimes it shakes me so much that it renders me sleepless.
When I witness injustice, a fire inside me burns. My anger grows day by day watching injustice, corruption deceit and villainy. I know nothing can be done to stop this madness. But that very feeling, that very thought of being powerless to end the wrongdoing leaves me shattered. I can still feel my inner-self shattered in different aspects. This growing tension mostly leaves me in disbelief and guilt. I feel like I’m betraying someone or something.

As I stated, this new journey is a zeal in finding that “someone or something” I have been betraying for some time. I know I alone cannot kill all the monsters around me, but I at least can sigh in relief knowing that I have taken a measure in this life of mine to try help stop it. My theory is as such: “Stop madness with madness”. People sometimes call me a ‘psycho’. Well they are right.
I’m a psyched up fellow who is in an ordeal to end profanity. If you witness madness around you, then hit back with madness, protest, stand-up for your rights, cry out your slogans, let your inner speak rather than your confused mind, because when you inner speaks then you know your real self. But remember this never lose your heart, even if you lose your mind, your heart will set it right.

Ok, cutting out from the philosophy. As I mentioned I’m an aspiring journalist and I wish one day I could investigate and report some genuine news. I took up this career path not because I fancy it, but rather because I feared it. I always had this little thought, ‘What do journalists really earn from reporting news and writing stuff all around? Are they making any money for a good living?’. Now I’m about to find out 😛
Ok just kidding. (: During my college years I thought being a journalist would be an absurd idea, since it involved great risks and almost no pay. Well you see that people change. Now I have fully given myself and my time into this. The fear of not earning money and stuff like that just disappeared. I thought no Journalism institute would accept me. But after one really ‘ground-breaking’ interview at IIJNM, I received my call letter the next day. Basically I woke up reading it, so you can imagine the amount of tremendous happiness that exploded in me. Finally I learnt a little lesson. If there is something that you want to do in life, there is nothing that is gonna stop you from doing it except ‘’yourself’’!
It’s a simple statement but also an ultimate fact. Every time I panicked thinking I wouldn’t make it, it was just me stopping myself. Not the aptitude test or the interview panel but just me and my then-weak mind.

So folks, if there is something that you have always feared, take my advice – “F***ing face it”. For your fears are not your weakness but rather your hidden strengths.
Thank you 😀

My Confessions (Part 7)

Sometimes, when I look back at these three years I had to go through, I feel like after all everything wasn’t that bad. Look at me now, I’m a survivor, A survivor of a senseless college education I was made to go through, I survived idiots and morons, I survived insanity and mass mental mutilation, I survived three years of mental torture. I’m proud to let you know that, I survived this crisis called Education!

The semester started off without any notable events, being charred by my boring routine life screamed for a change. I watched my fellow human beings cry, smile and speak proudly of their achievements, and all I did was watch as they dressed up in formals (some looked pathetic), some do not even know the meaning of formal dressing. I watched as they sat in masses to be pronounced worthy by some worthless humans who judged the masses by their character and body language. I watched as some failed to impress the unforgiving judges, they broke down in tears as if they lost their kidneys! Oh Humans, is this what, you come down to? Immoral judgment and fear of being rejected by some stupid HR who labels that you are worthless? My, Oh, My, Sympathy just overflows from my heart for you lads.

Ok, now something about me….As I was talking about change and inspiration, here I go. Watching my fellow humans being going through all this, I decided myself that I shall not work under some MNC owned by some rich, obese Indian! I shall live and not suffer! So I ignored all the placement madness around me, I ignored all my professors and friends who asked me ‘’Hey how many placements orders did you get?’’ and I go like ‘’NONE’’, and then I watched as they flick their eyes in wonder. I told them my interests where different and that I rather sit at home and rot. Everybody seems skeptical, they think I’m too smart or over-confident. Guess what? ‘I do not care what you think, this is me, like it or not, I don’t give a rat’s ASS!’ I have a dream. I wish I could work and have a career in something but at the same time not be enslaved under someone. The only possible thing I could do was choosing to study journalism as my Masters. I hunted the internet for months searching for colleges. Finally I lost my sleep in all havoc and panic. It has been like 3 months I have had any sound sleep, at the end of the day by evening I look like a zombie! I do not know what is gonna happen to me after my era in the prestigious Sri Krishna College! I do not know if I could make it to any college that offers a journalism degree, I do not know anything about my future. For now all I know is, no one can control me, I’m a grown man and I liked to be treated with respect and love and would love to return respect and love. Working in an MNC is never an option for me, if it happens then it shall only be silly nightmare!

There were days when people used to be fun to be with, now all of them seem un-interesting. I started developing some kind of fear, I hate people, I hate to be in a place where there are a lot of people. I think I got Anthrophobia (best defined as the fear of people in crowded situations). I hate going to weddings, I hate having lunch in the college’s new canteen, I rather stick around in the old one because it’s got lesser people as everyone flocks to the newer better canteen. My head just starts exploding with discomfort and anger when there are a lot of people around me. I’m not kidding most of the time I get so paranoid that time seems to slow down around me and I can hear my own heart- beat.

By the end of the semester I had my finger nails crushed between a window, that left me in pain for weeks(I’m not complaining, it really did pain a lot 😛 ). I’m really not sure on how to end this note. Ok, let me put it this way. I have one life to live for, and whatever I do I only wish it does good to me and others around me, there are a couple of people who I really care for, to them, ‘If I let you down or hurt you in any manner, I’m extremely sorry. Give me another chance to fix things’. Barely within two months, my college life in Coimbatore is coming to an end; I have never felt so confused and happy at the same time. Confused because I’m unsure of my future and happy because I realize that finally I’m leaving this dreadful place. No Offense guys, But I hate this place. As per Mr. Charles Darwin’s theory of ‘Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest’, I guess I’m doing good with my life on planet earth, All I wish is that ‘Fellow humans, may Mother nature spare you and may you not get chased down by your Predator’ In layman’s terms ‘Don’t complain later that your life is meaningless because you listened to your parents, your professors, your principal, your friends and NOT YOURSLEF’! Boooya Good Day!

My Confessions.(Part 6)

When a boat has sunk, it’s under the ocean forever until someone goes exploring the dark depths hunting for treasure. Well my boat has sunk and I’m on my painful but epic journey on discovering my ‘boat’! For the time being I’m just coming out of the depths to let you people know that I’m still alive and breathing but not very sure that I’m healthy! Discoveries can be made late or rather too early. This is the story of my discovery!

Currently my second year has come to an end. And I’m doing a bachelors in IT (3 years). By the start of the semester I thought commitment was a dilemma that one had to face to get into known danger! Well I was unfortunately proved wrong (more like fortunately but prefer to stick to being unfortunate: P). I never knew that getting to know a random person in the most horrible place on the planet would change my entire life literally! Well I aint gonna brag about my luck, but still I have this bolt of desire to expound the story of how I met that person 😛 ! It started as a normal day and then suddenly I met her; well I was just kidding. Facebook was the culprit here again! I found her profile sent a request and voila the friend request that changed my life! I met her in the library for the first time (P.S: I was having a bad allergic reaction on my body that particular day which made me look like a numbskull!). That first meeting turned out to be awsful (Awesome + Awful). There are many complicated reasons why it was that way, so I aint disclosing the secrets 😛 ! Time went by we fell for each other and hooked up.

My soul mate is an MBBS aspirant who due to some demanding reasons got stuck up in SKASC! (Sad story). It kept me thinking when she has such a great dream to achieve, what am I winning from Bsc IT? The answer: N O T H I N G! My so called famous college is so drunk with placements that all day long we learn to get placed in a cabin with a computer stuck to your face for the rest of my life. I mean seriously guys this is sad to know, many people just want to move Jupiter to get paid peanuts! But it’s a fact all that matters here is getting a job and not a dream career! I realized that I was kinda good at organizing quiz shows, debates, etc. at college level, which lead to another counter realization that I can organize and manage people! So the ultimate dream just popped up I SHOULD GET AND MBA DONE!

Well for starters who think getting an MBA is like picking leaves form your backyard, well it’s just not true! Getting a good recognized MBA degree from a premier college is more like pestering an infant to sprint! So here it goes. To get an MBA/PGDM from an IIM one needs to pass the CAT management entrance test with ULTRA GIGANTIC MAJESTICLY FLYING COLORS, the fact is that you need to score a minimum of 98% to get a call letter from one of the IIM’s in the country! Well I know it sounds ridiculous but its true guys and gals, it’s true L . And the sad part is that math plays an important role in the entrance test. Math has always been archenemy from childhood (I had never scored more than 70% in any math exams for the past 15 years :/). Well here I’m facing the traitor again!

I’m not done yet. I have some concerns about the way colleges function in this part of the world. They take in a large number of students every year, more than what they can handle usually and then try to convince the poor bastards that their lives are safe. Well, HELL NOW! Guys and a girls I have a message for you, our lives are miserable we are being taught something we chose to learn and we are hammered every day about the importance of campus recruitment! Let me tell you something that your faculties have never told you, ‘’We all are losers, yes including me because we are being taught that that the corporate world is all that matters, the corporate economy is the way to go, the corporates are your saviors and that the corporate industry our gods! And we guys just freekin accept all that and we just f***in eat that shut raw every day. I mean open up your frail little eyes, look at what they are doing to you, they are cultivating slaves in colleges, so that we slaves can perform like robots out there in the industry and they convince us that we have no other choice.” People get out obsereve nature breathe some fresh air. And when I tell fresh air I mean the air of the meadows, the air which our farmers breathe not the air of confusion and tragedy that we intake every day in our classrooms. Save your f***in lives from this disaster. Learn to make a choice of your own rather following bull shit placements frantically. We all have one life to live for not infinite and it’s not like in a first person video games that we can respawn every time we get shot when one is busy reloading our weapons! Your weapon is your mind and don’t put it to absurd use rather clean it up and re discover it! Guys, gals it’s not too late to understand that placements are necessary only as a last resort or an investment and not a way of life or a defined way to build a career.

I talk with a lot of hatred because Somehow parents in the neighborhood believe that when their son/daughter gets into an MNC it’s all done, after that there is nothing! GUYS my parents too believe in this nuisance and not they are refusing to send me for my Masters which I badly wish to study. I believe that this is not the proper time for me to work in an MNC I perfectly believe that I need more training in my concern and I wish to work professionally and NOT DESPERATELY! Someone, anyone please out there. Stop this madness. Someone please convince my parents to send my for a masters I badly crave for. I DO NOT WISH TO WORK IN AN MNC. Thanks for listening to my story… I’m extremely sorry if I hurt your feelings but I’m hurt too!Z1J7Vy

My Confessions (Part. 5)

At the start of my 3rd semester I was pretty confused with the choices I had ahead of me (Career-wise and other terms). I spent hours alone in a peaceful place and thought deeply on what I had to do after my graduation and what was the purpose of my life! Something struck me hard when a friend of mine suggested me to read about Osho’s theory and his books. Well at first I was a skeptic and still I do think deeply about his words. And then one day booom; I watched a movie named ‘Into the Wild’. It was a journey of a young lad, who threw away all his wealth and college degrees and sought to spent the rest of the life in the wild, just like how people lived in prehistoric ages. The story had a deep impact on me, especially after the realization that the story was true! I gave it a long and  deep thought, ‘SOCIETY’, what is the modern society really doing , and what do they really want? I never found answers for these questions. From that day, I looked upon the people with high authority such as the politicians and the cops with high doubt in my mind and kept cursing them for the imbalance in the economy! There were so many issues this world is facing and the greatest of all An Inconvenient truth i.e global warming, animal extinction, poverty etc… Life had changed a lot since then, I always wanted answers for questions and I always believed in the facts rather than the opinions! Soon, I realized that I’m turning into a free thinking man. I turned into an atheist!


With a new mindset I continued my horrific journey through the corridors of Sri Krishna College. Again something caught my attention. The college administration is just like our stupid government, it does what- ever it wants no matter even  if its right or wrong; none stood up to question them! I was angered by how my esteemed college was functioning, none understood what I had to convey, So I dropped the idea of changing people’s minds to stand up against our so called SKASC! Classes went by, time went by, everything seemed all good when suddenly PLACEMENTS! This word struck me harder than any other word in the English language! The practice of on- campus Placements are common is institutions based in my city, but my college was rather distinct in this area, they somehow managed to grab a total of 1093 placement orders for over 606 students! At first everyone thought this was good! But I didn’t I wanted answers, how did this happen? Why only our college? Why do Infosys and Wipro recruit so many lads from my college? After many sleepless days I got some answers. Placements in my college is extraordinary, the reason for this is because, well I don’t want to tell this in public, If anyone is interested to know the answer just send a private message to my inbox in facebook or gmail, I’m always ready with the answer!


And now something about myself; I met loads of promising people this semester and lost equal numbers! Its been a rough ride this semester too. As, each minute goes by the tension and fear increased! Well you might think what I’m tensed of? You guessed it right my future and my esteemed career! Dropping these thoughts the next thing that comes in to my mind is a life-partner , well green pastures in this field is rarely found, I kept trying but eventually I couldn’t find enough water to irrigate my wastelands! The next thought that comes up in my mind is the amount of sleep I get a day, well people say I need minimum of 8 hours of sleep. Mostly I go to bed by 12, rarely fall asleep, even if I fall asleep I will surely wake up moaning from a bad nightmare. Once I had a nightmare where on my friend was chasing a train and then he suddenly disappears and the next thing I know is a train hitting me, well that was a dream but in reality I hit my face on the hard concrete floor just below my bed! From that day I had to keep re-enforcements around my bed, mostly re-enforcement using high raised pillows laid down all around me to stop me from breaking my jaws (Last time I hit my head and somehow my tooth was spared). Then comes the quota of friends, Well I got a hell lot of them. My friends are the only people who keep me alive with shots of laughter and tales to listen and tell! Then comes my gruesome passion, PHOTOGRAPHY , talking about photography, I don’t even own a camera. Most of the time I see a good scene that I could have probably clicked I curse myself for not having a cam! Just a week before I completed this version of MY CONFESSIONS I had the craziest days in Trivandrum with my close friend and his family! Details of the good times I had cannot be disclosed since it might pop out your eves our of your socket! I had trouble composing an ending note for this piece of writing. I found no other better way than a quote I would like to share with you all :-

‘’If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed.’’

-Leo Tolstoy


(P.s: The above quote might not be meaningful to many of you out there, try reading it many times over and over again until you go crazy over the real meaning of it. If you do go crazy inbox me or contact me immediately for I will explain you properly the real meaning of the above quoted sentence)

Thanks all.


My Confessions (Part. 4)

And lo, finally I have entered the second year of my college life. The experience is bumpy and frightening! Not all things that happened this year was good. I had to go through times of testing and awkwardness. Finally I’m realising the purpose of my life. It’s not an easy feeling; whenever I think about my future i get goosebumps, because I lost all my dreams of becoming an ethical hacker! My so called dad wants me to work after my under graduation, while on the other side I crave to study for post graduation! My life seems pointless, since I don’t have great expectations any more. My dreams are shattered, my life is more like a mirror all the actions of my past is resulting in the present! Now, I have learnt not live with expectations since nothing really happens the way we want, all happens exactly the opposite way, maybe luck is my enemy! My thoughts ponder during the night, I lost the only thing that provide me peace, its my sleep. I lost the peacefulness of sleep. I crave every night for a peaceful night but my nights seems to be a struggle for survival. In the nights I’m like a convict sitting in the darkness of a jail room! I feel strangled by my own dear life! But i learnt not to hate myself, for I’m the only thing that’s true and happening, hating oneself only brings about more disaster. Even tough my life is a series of earthquakes, I live each moment with courage and simple a thought that everything will turn out to be better one day!

All hell broke loose, the second semester of my 1st year started with a major disaster. I have to say I met with an unexpected accident on my new scooter. My scooter just rolled out of the showroom, just on the second week the scooter kissed the road of coimbatore. Apparently, when me and my friend were riding, a mindless ass wipe ran past us and there goes my scooter; my friend suffered three stitches, i just escaped with minor injuries on my head and my left shoulder. I didn’t attend my 1st Internals. I got no complaints or blame to put on, since the mistake was on the rider who ran past us! Getting back to the friend who suffered stitches, I kinda lost him. An argument between us turned into another major disaster. I never talked to him again. All this happened because of my stupid mouth! I lost a good friend! Apologies were rejected, I had nothing to do but just to walk away form him; My bad! The accident left both of us with a great impact on us! But in this year many good events did happen to me, I won 1st prize in English poetry and anchored a quiz show in college! I felt happy proud because I’m not much of speaker on the stage, surely my fellow friend Arvind helped realise that even I could speak in public. I thank him with all my heart for bringing out this hidden talent in me!

Now that was all about me! I have to tell things about other people around me too! This year I met someone special who is the only reason I’m happy now, I owe all my life to her; My bacha! 😀

My seniors they are like sugar coated doughnuts, but that’s how they treat all of us. I got ragged once but I love all my outgoing seniors, they are unique and different from all the other seniors I had before! I wish good luck to all of them! I will miss you all. My birthday went good as planned, had a good small party at KFC, thanks for the wishes everyone! Coming back to my studies, I find it kinda difficult to cope up with them 😦 . I just lost my ambition and dreams, I don’t even know why I have to study, it seems pointless!

Time went by very soon, as I complete my 1st crucial year I learnt a lot of things. Some made me think deeply some things hurt still deep inside! The fact that I survived an year seems overwhelming! I’m looking forward for a better year this time! My life is just a day of travel, I have to attend college and come back home everyday like a routine! Nothing is interesting but the fact that I got a bunch of kick-ass friends keeps me fuelled, talking about fuel my scooter drinks fuel like a thirsty man lost in the desert with a barrel of water, all it does is drink fuel like crazy and a burn a hole in my pocket! Electricity is coimbatore is frustrating, it comes and disappears like a mad ghost in the darkness! And yeah I have to mention about the perfect weekend I had with Aravind and his family, I spent the 1st day in kovalam beach played dumbcharades till the end of the night and the second day his uncle and his dad took me to the most fabulous place I had evern been to, The Residency hotel, i had the perfect dinner of ly life; Thanks to you all, I love you all! The last day in trivandrum i was taken to a hotel my Arvind’s dad and I had this weird dish named ”SIZZLER”, damn it, it really does sizzle! And last but not the least i owe the whole weekend to Meera chechi who lend me her DSLR, it was the 1st time ever I used one, it’s such an amazing machine, I now know how this thing really works thanks a lot chechi! I clicked many pics and i was appreciated by many; So, I and praveen started this photography page like everyone else! In the end I realised that pravi is a better photographer than me(I feel jealous on you bij :P).
i wrote abt my weekend in tvm

I seek for inspiration and keep my fingers crossed, and expect for a peaceful 2nd year(I don’t want any apocalypse to happen :p). I always belive that things happen for a reason, so the next shit happens, keep cool and think of your life, think of how much you hav lived and think how much you still have left and what’s more to happen! Life is like a suspense game, play well to unlock its secrets, if u play it with cowardness and hate you end up with more shit! Choose your path and live with the best attitude and patience you can keep up! I still have three more years left in this city! May God bless me with never-ending patience, Amen!

My Confessions part.3 <3

The world was not made in one day! That’s what they say…. But my day is made complete by some special set of people. I dedicate this part of my confessions to them. To start with my days are going like any other day of a standard college student! The same things, over and over again. Waking up early morning, waiting for the bus and spending quality time with friends and foes! It doesn’t end there, the loads of assignments and homework’s have become an irritating routine! Much of the days spent as a college student is mixed with emotions and great expectations! My life has started to gain some pace, now I realise and intake the experience I gain. At times time seems extinct! My day starts with the usual routines. Some days pass without any interesting events, some pass with pain while others just turns out to be a boring usual Mondays! It seems that things have changed from weird to weirder! Its kind of emotionless and pointless! Mere words aren’t enough to express the feelings! After the next three years I never know were I’m gonna end up! But all I want to have is a decent salary with the perfect partner. Hope everything would go well for me. I have a bunch of friends that I need to tell about! ‘’Amazing’’ is the most appropriate word that I can use to describe them. They always will make my day! People who make my day includes:

Abhayendu M Abhi

Well he is my class mate and the best buddy ever. He has a unique hair style that differentiates him from others! At first when I met him I realised we both share a common interest for gaming! This fellow is also good in graphic designing and photo-editing, truly a master! His character seems to be filled with rich innocence and happiness. No matter what, he never let’s himself down. We both did the first ever paper presentation in college. His smile never fails to impress me or anyone! Each and every word he speaks has a blend of mallu in it, but it’s kind of cute you know? 😛 … Dude if you are reading this let me tell you that my never is complete without you 

Arvind John Soju

I would call him a silent genius! Because of all the people I have met he seems to have the most complex and differentiated personality ever! At first I felt jealous over it! Then I realised that being jealous would only spoil the good times we would likely have! So, I befriended him and included him as one of my best buddies! He seems to excel in everything. In studies, sports, etc… I kind of admire him, because he has one bold mind to face anything! He is hard to argue with tough pious in his speech! Sometimes he inspired me to do things! And he has the best parents ever! I admire his family too! He has a sweet house back in trivadrum. I want to know more of him and surely will! Dude if you reading this let me tell you that you have got an amazing personality, please do teach me how to be like that 😉 ….You always will make my day 

Jyoti Prasad

I have so much to talk about him. One of the most realistic personality ever! Got a heart of diamond! I need to say because all the pain and sorrow’s he face never made an impact on him. A bold personality with sheer humour . he never failed to make me laugh or smile when I’m down with sadness! I think you are kind of amazing in all ways. You need to start opening your text book 😛 Dude if you are reading this, all I want to tell you is that “MACHII you make my day complete da” 😀 Praveen Sankar Narayanan The PSN :P…… Well to tell about him, he is the person who shares the same views as I do. A rocking and kick-ass personality! I have a lot to tell about him. I met him first over facebook and then our friendship grew stronger by the day. Everything in you is rich with humour and happiness, you do act lame sometimes. But still you never fail to put up a smile on my face whenever I meet you. “Bitch” Is his favourite word! His favourite drink is 7up mixed with vodka LOL! We go for movies together and he is the key financer for it! God made him unique; I don’t know why but I always feel that I never will get a friend like him! Love u lots man! Mwwwwwwaaaaaah 😛 If you are reading this I have to tell you that my day is a 100% complete one because of you 😀

Shafeeque Suhail

Dude were do you come rom? 😛 I have to aks you this because I never found anyone in Coimbatore who talk so good English! You seem to have a hard-core personality filled with boldness! Honestly speaking I don’t know much of him! But I know that his friendship is a gift of God! I share most my thoughts and sadness with him! He seems to understand me very well! And he also knows how to make me happy! For him the word ‘’boring’’ has no meaning! He was waiting for this part of ‘’My confessions’’ for a long time. Here it goes dude! All I want to tell is that I want to know more of you! And you make me day a complete one! 😀 Karan My master, my inspiration! He is the person I respect the most! He is kind of a life guru to me! He is my senior and has the best mix of all things in life! He rather inspires me to do things than forcing me to do it. Sometimes I felt that he has got the best character ever and even tried to be like him, but then he told me that I should me what I’m and should never try to copy anyone! I will never forget his words, he said originality in a person brings out the best out of him! I truly admire his sayings and his way of communication with others! Cheta if you are reading this I wish you the best of luck for your unpredictable future and I have to say that my day is never complete without you 

Anita Angelin

Well! Buahahahahah 😛 ….. HAHAHHA 😛 I don’t know why but she is funny! I met her over facebook then met in college! An interesting girl with a lot of smile on her face! I admire her eyes! And yeah she has never failed to make me happy when tears of sadness roll down my cheeks! She knows all about me, I share every little thing with her! She even made lunch for me once! I always have a smile when I talk t her. The way she talk its funny 😛 . Dude if you are reading this I wanna tell you that I’m blessed to have a friend like you and you always will complete my day!

Reshna Rajan

We both hail from middle-east(she being from muscat)! I call her mom 😛 Well there is a reason for it! Her smile seems to never fade from her face! She is kind of innocent and friendly! Fun to talk with! Well she too travels in the same bus like I do! I have made her go crazy at times, sorry for al that :P… She too has a great sense of humour! Dude if you are reading this I wanna tell you that you make my day complete 

These are the people who feature in making my day complete! I like them all equally. I never want to loose anyone from the above list because you people are my lucky buddies! A day without you is like vodka without alcohol 😛

Now that I have spent time in India, I have started liking the place and its people. The place I live in is a small town with some occasional beep of the vehicles, sometimes I get so irritated by the noise that I would hit my head repeatedly on the well several times. Stress has become a daily routine, I’m now attending extra evening classes, as I’m doing a diplomas in IT security! I leave home at about 9 in the morning and reach home only by 9 in the night! Because of this never-ending chain of classes and lecture that is bombarded into my mind I’m now like a memory device that needs to store every bit of valuable information! Some think it’s kind of nerdish. Well to succeed in the IT field in need to seduce my brain to get stuck with books literally! I’m more like a struggling student who just wants a good pay and secured future.

My other classmates seem so dumb, I don’t know why but it is like this! The girls in the class add up for the mess, sometimes I get irritated; as when the professor would be delivering his speech there would some burst of words and sentences from the girl’s side which sometimes I feel is like the voice of desperate chickens ready to be slaughtered! Much to y excitement the college which I study in provides the best facilities in all terms, it’s the only plus point of SKASC! I have attended my 1st semester exam carefully I have spent desperate nights mugging up the concepts! God seems to me non-existence at times, because things I face nowadays seems to be filled with un-ending chain of sorrow mixed with a number of happy incidents!

But wherever my life takes me I always feel I don’t have a place in the group! I don’t know if the statement is true or not but sometimes I feel like a joker left-out! But sometimes I feel like the king of nothing! And now here I stand before the world still facing it with all my strengths and weaknesses , I feel like an unbeatable soldier 😀 Still I’m gifted with such amazing friends who stand like a supportive inspiration to me!

I thank you people all for befriending and yeah you people are the best mirror to me, because you people bring out more of me and I learn more of myself everyday I sepnt with you people. An infinite thanks to You all….. That’s all folks

My Confessions (part 2)

I was probably in the middle of a dream, when suddenly someone woke me up! It felt as if someone woke me up in the middle of the night, but no! It was 7 A.M and my Dad wants me to wake up and guess what?  I’m in India and its Sunday! I refused to wake up so he as usual he slapped me hard on my face! I woke up like a phoenix that regains its life after death!


The situation was like this:

I have just finished my 12th and I’m awaiting my God-Damn results! And my dad has bought me to India for higher studies, at first I acted like goat getting ready to be slaughtered! Means I’m pissed! In the end, well in the end I got admission in a college named Sri Krishna Arts and Science college for the Bsc IT programme! Not much exciting but at least I can live my dreams! I was very much sceptical about the name of the college, but as I spent the first day in it, I discovered people over here are amazing and friendly! I really do hate to study in it but I’m in it because I have wacko-type friends!


The first day in college went without any great happenings, then 2nd 3rd,etc…. not much! Until I discovered that people had been talking about me! OH! I thought this is incredible! Its like the sky is falling down more like my dreams coming true! I met many people yea people means boys + girls! I had to change myself and throw my old retard like character and bring out a new wacko-type person, so that I can survive the heat! I hope u got what I meant!

And yes I did bunk many classes, went for movies and stuff! Life here in Coimbatore has really changed me much! I now feel more energetic and more confused than before because I got maths in my syllabi! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! I’m done for it! I was left with no choice but to accept thr brutality of it and move on! I was forced to once more bring out my mathematic brain out!(P.s I took informatics in 11th and 12th so maths is kinda weird now).


For the first time I talked live in front of a live audience in stage. It was a thanksgiving speech. I practiced my part all day and night like a sleepless retard! It was the day I delivered my speech and unbelievingly , people loved it! One fellow was like “Sallu your speech was good” another went like this “Your voice great” another bursted out this way “Really good English!” and finally a girl “Nice talk dude”. All these word a praise were like something froze my body I couldn’t believe it was me receiving all these words of magic! It was like a beggar found his fortune under his sack of stinky clothes! In short it was above my expectations :P!

Forgetting about maths and talking about chicks! Well this place does have many colourful chickens and hens! I mostly spent my lunch break watching the colourful beings walk around me; well not alone I do have a lot of company beside me! A day in my college is ‘sometimes’ like a day in the pub!



To summarise it all up! I’m HAVING A GOOD TIME HERE!!!!!!!




My CONFESSIONS! X)………………(part 1)


The other day I was frustrated with my exam, I knew something terrible would happen when the results come out! And behold, there lays my answer sheet on my dad’s hands on the open house day! Of course it wasn’t a pretty sight for him. The numbers written corresponding to the subjects weren’t too good-looking for my dad’s eyes. And lo when I was back home dad looked rather sarcastic. I knew I was about to face “The resurrection day”! In the end, well there is no end to my sufferings, everything was forgotten I once again lived another day.

A new day, well of course not so interesting day, the same old toothbrush, with the white Colgate paste and the same old corn flakes for my so called breaking the fast! I virtually have to dream with eyes open in school, except for my informatics classes, well computers always fascinated my mind, no imp not a bloody geek! I would literally break down on English classes, but somehow managed to score the highest! With the sound of Accounts classes my brains and my eyes would be numb! That was something about my school life. To talk more of it, well I had excellent friends (fingers crossed), and my school was overwhelmingly “D-U-M-B” I would call it DUMB since I was issued a memo for not wearing the flashing little ID-card, on the contrary I was issued memos for various fantabulous reasons, some reasons would be lame!

At the sound of the last bell everything would literally stop in time, life would never felt so damn awesome, until I step into my bus (no.26) the bus was made to fit a limited number students, but the driver’s assistant made it look like a country filled with chicks and flicks! As I step into my home after school the smell of food has already turned my stomach on, after the delicious feast I would simply bunk home, maybe for tuitions or just for escaping my “Mom’s speech of never-ending  not so pleasant word’s”. I would simply walk around the city or the beach with my friends, at the end of the day, sadly I have to get home. After the supper’s done, its a fuss between me and my pillow, until the next day! Everything was the same,         Until!……………..

I met a girl on facebook, fell for her, had a good relation, until parent’s messed it up! Well I don;t wish to speak so much about it, I do accept love is a good feeling but now I rarely think of finding new love since I’m a busy bird! Another day I met another girl in my God damn bus, had an “extra-big time crush” on her! Until my friends held out the helping hand to recover from the madness I got for her, looking back at it I thank them especially one fellow I’m not mentioning his name, I will surely let that fellow know it is he who is special here! So, its obvious that I tasted the taste of being a broken heart! Well you know for some people particularly Good-looking people a broken hearted person meant a f***ed up retard! Well that’s what I was considered by the “Good-looking people”! I later had the burning inner desire to prove it wrong maybe this would prove it wrong ==> “I don’t give a damn &*@#$^&&* on what you think, it’s my bloody life and I live it my bloody damn way!”. No offense!

Finally, I passed high school from my respective school, was forced to leave U.A.E(Ajman) to INDIA(Coimbatore), here it was like I got second chance to live my life, everything seemed different, actually everything was fantabously sad! I missed my so dear friends back there in my small lil Ajman!. But I wasn’t so let down I had the chance to pursue my passion computers and tech! I took up Bsc.IT.

What happens next comes in my next installation! 😛

By, Salman(aka $allu)