An open response to Taylor Swift’s rant against Apple

Concert Photographer in an open letter to Taylor Swift: With all due respect to you too Taylor, you can do the right thing and change your photo policy. Photographers don’t ask for your music for free. Please don’t ask us to provide you with your marketing material for free.

Right on the Bull Eyes.

Junction10 Photography

* Updated : Following a statement released by Taylor Swift’s UK agent, I have responded here*

Dear Taylor Swift,

I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service.  

(For reference:

I applaud it. It’s great to have someone with a huge following standing up for the rights of creative people and making a stand against the corporate behemoths who have so much power they can make or break someone’s career. 

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A Plague Within

I have a plague inside,

Distressed and growing older.

I have a plague inside,

Deadening my veins dry.

I have a plague inside,

Carrying the ghost,

Of the darkness past

And present.

The epitome of reality,

scourges my senses,

leaving a trail.

   A trail of agony,

Flooded in anger,

Brimming with fear.

A fear,

That engulfs light,

Light of hope and smiles.


This isn’t the end,

But a start,

The start of all things gray,

And of all things murky.

Embrace this darkness,

For it comes,

After the falling of light.

Embrace this silence,

For everything spoken

Has an end.

The Migrating Bees—A Documentary on migration workers in Bangalore, India

The above video content is copyrighted to Himadri Ghosh. Unauthorized distribution or copying is strictly prohibited.


Behind this glitz of the IT capital of India(Bangalore), with its skyline filled with its array of gigantic buildings lays humble stories of thousands who build this city coming from all over of the country. The Migrating Bees tries to tell their stories of disparity and exclusion in progress and prosperity.

Raju and Tuna tell their stories of extended work hours, limited wages and the problems they face in this city.More to that is their agonies of alienation, shifting from blue tents to another in a big city away from their families with a meagre pay gives them a feel of delusion.

The hands that build and mend the city are being neglected as the city continues to moves on.

Dream On


Assure me that this is just a dream,

And let the numbness cease.

Enlighten me,

Teach me,

Reach me.

So, I can live among forces that crush.

Emotions that I resent,

Brings memories that haunts.

To live has become a mare,

Rickety thoughts plunges,

Inhibits life,

Down from below.

Now I’m barely walking,

The road is clear but gruesome.

Peace is rare,

And so is light.

Silence is my weapon,

Against sorrows that bleed fresh.

Memoirs of Insanity

Shades that hide between colors,

That too is life.

 Your rejection of color,

Makes shades darker.

And darkness is what that prevails,

As intense as a storm.

Light is unknown,

Wherever humanity treads.

Resort to pleasure,

Aided by evil.

Within everyone lies a demon,

A demon that hides under our filthiness.

Gathering fields of sorrow,

We live our game.

Is this fair?

Asks the mother of birth.

6_word_memoirs_ copy



What are you looking at?


Broken but still stands tall and bring


She fed you once,
Yet we still look down at them?


The most comforting darkness is ‘Sleep’


An abstract sculpture


Looks similar doesn’t it?

All hail Avatar


Mr. Rusty


The holy Bust


Dreams shall be haunted


A snake drinking milk from a mothers breasts.

The artist’s message was such:

“The mother is feeding the baby even though she knew his baby might one day bite her back or people around him, even though she knew her baby shall cause trouble”